About the Agency

The UAE Space Agency is a federal agency that was created under Federal Law by Decree No. 1 of 2014. The space sector includes all projects, activities and programs related to outer space. 

The decree stipulates that the UAE Space Agency works in line with the Council of Ministers and has an independent legal position, enjoying financial and administrative independence as well as the legal capacity necessary to direct all activities that will ensure the achievement of its objectives.

The law defined that the main head quarters of the Agency are to be in Abu Dhabi, and the Agency is to have a branch in Dubai. The Board of Directors may establish branches or other offices within and outside the state.

The main aims of the UAE Space Agency are:

  • To organise, regulate and support the space sector in the country and to enhance its position in this area.
  • Encourage the development and use of space science and technology in the country and advance within the industry.
  • The establishment of international partnerships in the space sector and to enhance the role of the state and its position in the space sector.
  • Contribute to the diversification of the national economy through the space sector
  • Raise awareness of the importance of the space technologies, enhance national capabilities and encourage peaceful application of space research.



The Agency is focused on the development of policies, strategies and plans related to the space sector that are approved by the Council of Ministers. It will provide advice and guidance for national space programs, work to resolve the challenges faced, and support research and studies for theoretical and applied areas within space. The Agency will also be involved in documenting and disseminating information, working on the development of human resources and support educational activities in the space sector and attract national talent into the industry. The Agency will provide opportunities and scientific missions in the space sector, in coordination with the national authorities in the country and abroad; it is a key priority for the Agency. It will assist the establishment of investment projects in the industry and managing them economically.

Other roles of the Agency include licensing within the space industry in line with controls and systems proposed by the Agency and issued by the Council of Ministers. The establishment of international partnerships for the development of the space sector and contributing to the transfer of knowledge in the field of space technology are also central roles. The Agency will participate in international projects related to the space sector approved by the Cabinet. It will represent the country at space conventions and international forums. The Agency will monitor the licenses of the public and private sector and will take the appropriate action to ensure proper licensing. It will issue publications and develop information programs that raise awareness of the importance of the sector space.

The UAE Space Agency is also responsible for monitoring business and activities within the country’s space sector and is responsible for ensuring safe and proper conduct. It is also responsible for holding conferences and seminars related to the space sector. The Agency is tasked with providing technical and advisory support in the industry to the relevant authorities in the state, as well as any other functions and terms of reference assigned to the Agency by the Council of Ministers.