Space policies and regulations

The UAE recognizes the importance of the space industry for social and economic development and security, and therefore the UAE Space Agency is working on creating policy, legislation and regulations that will determine the work of the space sector in the United Arab Emirates.

The main objectives of the space policies , legislation and regulations are the following:

  1. Support stable and sustainable development in the space sector and to encourage partnerships between government, business and academia
  2. Strengthen the role of the space sector in economic diversification and its contribution to the prosperity and development of other key sectors
  3. Strengthen the infrastructure and technical capabilities and the services provided within the national space sector
  4. Provide a competitive and regulatory environment that will attract the private sector and investments in the field of space
  5. Strengthen the role of the space sector in upgrading the level of education and knowledge and build pioneering national human resources
  6. Strengthen national capacities and capabilities of advanced scientific research, and cooperation with the world's best research centers
  7. Strengthen the role and capacity of the sector in the areas of security, safety, emergency, crisis management and in providing humanitarian aid
  8. Strengthen the role of the space sector in the preservation of the environment and its role in monitoring climate change
  9. Promote international cooperation in the field of space and support transparency and compliance with all international treaties and conventions


The United Arab Emirates will sign a number of international treaties and conventions that will strengthen international cooperation in the field of space, such as:

  • Treaty on principles governing the activities of states in the exploration and use of space
  • International liability for damage caused by space objects
  • The convention on registration of objects launched into Space
  • In addition to other international and regional agreements including International Telecommunications Satellite Organization, The International Mobile Satellite Organization (IMSO), Arabsat and other resolutions and recommendations in the space sector.