Thuraya Telecommunications Company

Established in April 1997, Thuraya Telecommunications Company is a global mobile satellite service provider of voice, text and data service to two-thirds of the world’s geographical area, across more than 160 countries.

Thuraya’s superior network enables clear communications and uninterrupted coverage across two-thirds of the world by satellite, and globally through the unique GSM roaming capabilities of its satellite phones. With more than 360 roaming partners worldwide, Thuraya is the only mobile satellite operator that offers GSM roaming services over mobile networks.

Thuraya owns and operates two geostationary satellites: Thuraya-2, and Thuraya-3 Together, the satellites provide coverage of Europe, Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Australia.

Thuraya products are widely used in the Energy, Enterprise, Government, Leisure, Media, and Maritime as well as a range of humanitarian Relief organizations working in the world’s hot spots and responding to disasters.

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